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We understand technology law & startup law because we’ve lived it.

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Byrne & Lovel Lawyers are among the few law firms in Queensland to have lawyers with such extensive, hands-on experience with both technology and startups. Our technology lawyers’ practical experience enables Byrne & Lovel Lawyers to protect your legal and commercial interests effectively and thoroughly in the technology arena.

Our hands-on tech experience includes coding web interfaces, project management, SaaS application development, server & database management, e-Commerce store development, server, network & SSL security all the way through to design & architecture of local area & wide area networks (WAN & LAN).

Aside from the hands-on tech experience, our technology lawyers also understand that startups have specific needs such as capital raising, joint ventures and financing arrangements which can be quite different from standard commercial-style contracts.

Our technology background coupled with our legal experience makes Byrne & Lovel Lawyers the perfect fit for technology companies who require legal assistance.

Our technology lawyers understand aspects that many other lawyers will never understand – the vision and passion of a startup, the connection of the entrepreneurial community, the camaraderie of the open source community, the startup launch, the VC meetings – we really ‘get it’.

There are few law firms that can assist with your technology or startup venture, like the team at Byrne & Lovel Lawyers. Our teams’ solid background in tech will ensure that you are able to freely communicate in your language to a team that really understands the modern tech and startup landscape.


  • Online Business Planning Advice
  • Venture Capital & Investor Contracts
  • Technology Project Contracts
  • Tech Startup Company Structuring
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Hosting, Cloud Server & SaaS Service Agreements
  • Technology Maintenance Contracts
  • Tech Sub-Contracting & Outsourcing Contracts
  • Domain Name Disputes
  • Software License Agreements (EULA)
  • Website Privacy Policies, Terms of Use & Terms of Purchase
  • Intellectual Property Rights Protection
  • Tech & Startup Disputes & Litigation